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Set of 4 Organic Cotton Muslin Bags

Set of 4 Organic Cotton Muslin Bags

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Compared to Produce Bags for fruits and veggies, muslin bags are best for storing beans, nuts, seeds, grains, bread and pastries.

Replacing plastic bags for shopping and storage, muslin bags are great for protecting delicate greens (lettuce, spinach, kale etc.), electronic devices (phone, laptop), delicate dishes, glassware, etc. When you're on the go, use them for snack bags or even for travel organization. 


2 Large Cotton Muslin Bag (40 x 27cm/15.7 x 10.6in)

1 Medium Cotton Muslin Bag (30 x 25cm/11.8 x 9.8in)

1 Small Cotton MuslinBag (25.5 x 20.5cm/10.1 x 8.1in)

Care Tips: Machine wash in cold water, air dry.

Made in Canada.

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Customer Reviews

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re: love my functional organic cotton bag

I first came across this lovely company at an art market and absolutely fell in love with their product selection! This bag has become my staple for storing rice, quinoa, and Gf pasta! I love knowing my stored food is not leached with plastics and unwanted contaminants. look forward to shopping more with them and visiting their new storefront in bird rock. thank you for existing, earth based goods! :)